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Accurate manual work, high quality steel, many years of work, our products are tuned up for all individual needs.

Here you can invoke the entire series with the particular information.

Please choose the desired Group.

» Householdknife "Master Line"
» Householdknife "Comfort Line"
» Butcher Knife in black
» Householdknife with pin hole
» Householdknife "Natura Line"  width=
» Householdknife "Oliva Line"  width=
» Householdknife (Palisander-wood-grip)
» Householdknife Pakkawood brown
» Householdknife black
» Householdknife with POM-plasticshells
» Butcher Knife "Goldsiegel" blue
» Butcher Knife (black wooden handle)
» Householdknife with PPN-plasticshells
» Miscellaneous
» Ceaver / Meat Saw
» Bakerknifes
» Sharpening Steel

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