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Accurate manual work, high quality steel, many years of work, our products are tuned up for all individual needs.

All series are lined up with a small illustration.

Please choose the desired Group.

» Householdknife "Master Line"
» Householdknife "Comfort Line"
» Butcher Knife in black
» Householdknife with pin hole
» Householdknife "Natura Line"  width=
» Householdknife "Oliva Line"  width=
» Householdknife (Palisander-wood-grip)
» Householdknife Pakkawood brown
» Householdknife black
» Householdknife with POM-plasticshells
» Butcher Knife "Goldsiegel" blue
» Butcher Knife (black wooden handle)
» Householdknife with PPN-plasticshells
» Miscellaneous
» Ceaver / Meat Saw
» Bakerknifes
» Sharpening Steel

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